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Product Description

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Scan2x Online

Supplier: Avantech

Scan2x Online is an Intelligent Document Capture solution provided as online service subscription and combines ease of use with simple deployment and administration. It provides users with very simple icon-based interface to scan or upload and process documents in paper or digital format. After processing (i.e. data extraction, validation, workflow) documents and related metadata is send to relevant cloud repositories.

Scan2x Online can be combined with the Scan2x on-premise implementations.

Key feature

 1D/2D barcode recognition

Automatic Document Recognition (ADR)

Zones/full-page OCR using IRIS OCR / Metadata completion by OCR

IRIS iHQC PDF compression

Web service connectivity (SOAP, REST)

Database queries (MS SQL, Oracle, MS Excel, CSV)

Passport/ID Card processing based on Machine Readable Zone

Automatic batch splitting, image processing, signature detection

Optical Mark Recognition (for multiple choice exam marking, survey sheet processing)

File Verifier output auditing which allows for cross-checking that a document created by Scan2x has not been modified since the original scan.

Scan output workflows

Document inputs from TWAIN-compliant scanners (connected to a PC), imageRUNNER ADV/DX (MEAP Web APP), imageFORMULA SF400 network scanner (WEB APP), PDF or images upload.

Follow-me scanning. Allows a scan completed on one device (e.g. ScanFront 400 or MFD) to be indexed and saved from another device (e.g. PC)

Examples of market verticals:

    • Financial Services / Banking – this vertical is very dependent upon compliance-related processes and documentation and Scan2x lends itself particularly well in this field. Processes relating to Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) obligations can be significantly streamlined and enhanced using Scan2x, with added value being added with the File Verifier feature, central auditing and real-time web service calls to AML services databases[1].
    • Manufacturing – Operating environment checks are regular processes that are carried out continuously in food manufacturing. It is often not possible for QA departments to use tablets or light pens when performing inspections due to the possibility of contamination and so they are reliant on paper for information capture during each regular inspection. These documents need to be scanned and stored for eventual retrieval in the event of a product recall.
    • Insurance – the rigid nature of processes used by the insurance industry to carry on most classes of business make Scan2x the perfect tool for enabling untrained staff to capture documents at source. This will enable triggering of workflows (either in Scan2x or a downstream DMS system) to further automate to increase efficiencies, accountability and transparency.
    • Logistics – Goods deliveries procedures are often paper-based and in these cases it helps to have delivery drivers use kiosk-style document scanning stations to capture deliveries in real time. Scan2x will go further than simply creating a PDF of the delivery document – it can check for amendments and the presence of signatures, taking action where necessary via built-in workflows.
    • Education – using Optical Mark Recognition, Scan2x can completely automate the imaging and grading of multiple-choice test sheets, stopping only for human intervention when anomalies in an answer sheet are detected. Each student can receive a grade email and the adjudicator will receive a full results spreadsheet via email.

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