Terms & Conditions

  1. Each user has a 10 Gig cloud  storage capacity & includes full workflow.
  2. Included in the Therefore Solution is 1 hour remote set up of the clients server – server is hosted in Microsoft Azure.
  3. We recommend Onsite Assessment to upsell professional services and to assist in workflow automation.
  4. The Scanning hardware will only be while stocks last.
  5. We selecting Scan 2X it can only be ordered with the Scanfront 400 for embedded functionality. When folder monitoring is required please contact your solutions consultant.
  6. An additional SMB (THE.ON CONF SMB) pre configured system with full file structure and predefined workflows can be ordered info at: https://www.therefore.net/solutions_new/smb/
  7. To get more information on Therefore online visit: https://www.therefore.net/solutions_new/cloud/
  8. Please log any support requests on: https://partners.thereforms.co.za/solutions-support/
  9. Partner needs to sign Canon Online services agreement before ordering.
  10. All prices are excluding Vat.
  11. The Promotion will run from the 01 June 2020 to the 01 September 2020.
  12. Orders must be placed per client, as the licenses gets registered to the specific customer.
  13. Software Bundles are subject to a 24 month agreement.
  14. If the Customer does not want to sign a 24 month agreement then the software can be supplied on a month to month basis – No free subscription will apply.